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The uses of polyethylene: PE pipes for sewage, drinking water and cesspools

The uses of polyethylene: PE pipes for sewage, drinking water and cesspools

What is polyethylene? It is a chemical compound derived from the polymerization of ethylene.

Polyethylene (PE) processing

Polyethylene, also known as thermoplastic resin, is one of the most frequently used plastics. In terms of appearance, it is either a white or transparent solid. As regards its properties, it is both insulating and chemically stable. Commonly found in a wide variety of production sectors, it is prized for its quality, reliability and safety.

The advantages and uses of polyethylene

Firstly, polyethylene is a very light material in addition to being resistant to chemicals, saline solutions and water, UV rays and high temperatures. It is easy to weld and offers good impact resistance. It also boasts a notable coefficient of friction and a certain stability with regard to its dimensions.

Polyethylene is currently widely used in the electromechanical, chemical and food sectors. In particular, it is used to produce and build coverings of various kinds, cutting boards, slide rails, pool covers, mulch sheets, packing sacks and bags, gloves, and even kayaks.

High-density polyethylene

Are you wondering what the difference is between high-density and low-density PE? The former has a simple and linear chemical structure, which gives it very high tensile strength and makes it harder and more opaque than the low-density version, as well as making it resistant to very high temperatures. Low-density polyethylene has a non-linear chemical structure, which gives it lower tensile strength and makes it less resistant to high temperatures.

The uses of polyethylene

Polyethylene Pipe for sewer systems and Waste Water

High-density polyethylene is the only material recommended for use in sewer systems. Widely used in plumbing and heating for its durability, it is found in various forms starting with the classic polyethylene pipe.

PE pipes for drinking water

Is it safe for drinking water? There are various polyethylene pipes used for drinking water. The material is considered safe for health and can be used with zero risk in various areas of everyday life.

PE pipes for cesspools

Imhoff tanks for the draining of cesspools are also made from polyethylene.

In short, HDPE pipes and polyethylene tanks are then used to store food, drinking water and collect rainwater. Contact us to find the best solution for you!

Contact us for a quote and we will study together the project you need!

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