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Reclamation of contaminated sites: lining with HDPE geomembranes

Waterproofing and lining systems using geomembranes

Reclamation of contaminated sites: lining with HDPE geomembranes

Why reclaim contaminated sites?

The process of reclamation of contaminated sites includes all those actions that are intended to eliminate pollutants present in the soil, subsoil and groundwater or, at least, to reduce their concentration to below legal limits. The ultimate goal of reclamation is to safeguard the environment and public health; it allows the recovery and redevelopment of compromised areas.

Rariplast’s HDPE geomembranes

At Rariplast, we offer our customers various types of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) geomembranes for the reclamation of contaminated sites such as:

  • water, sewage and acid containment tanks
  • tanks for petroleum sludge
  • ducts
  • reinforcements of quays
  • landfills for municipal solid waste, etc. and much more!

A HDPE geomembrane is a commonly used lining:

  • in the waterproofing of basins for the containment of acids, sewage and toxic substances
  • in controlled landfills of urban and industrial waste as a barrier (both bottom and cover); its purpose is to waterproof the bottom of the landfill from leachate and prevent the infiltration of water into the lower layers.

All our geomembranes, having an important role, are subjected to repeated conformity checks to determine compliance with the quality requirements according to the law.

Contact us to discover all our waterproofing and lining systems using geomembranes.

Contact us for a quote and we will study together the project you need!

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