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HDPE collectors to recover heat in ice stadiums

HDPE collectors to recover heat in ice stadiums

The refrigeration process in ice rinks

An ice rink, also called an ice arena, is an indoor facility mainly used for skating and hockey. This is where the refrigeration process takes place: in the rink floor, a fluid, usually water or air, is cooled by the evaporation of another fluid, called the refrigerant.

This takes place to keep the internal temperature constantly lower than the external one and involves a high expenditure of thermal energy released into the atmosphere.

The costs and heat consumption are truly remarkable: this is precisely why Rariplast works to reduce waste!

HDPE collectors for heat recovery from refrigeration systems

The heat that escapes from a refrigeration system like the one found in ice rinks can be recovered. We just have to install specific systems to recover the residual heat, which can thus be converted into thermal energy and reused for other purposes.

When applied in ice arenas, Rariplast’s HDPE collectors are used to conduct the thermal energy resulting from refrigeration. You may be wondering: how can this heat be recycled? For example, it can be used to heat the water in the building’s plumbing system.

This can achieve considerable savings in terms of money and, above all, energy. In fact, the initial investment, which can be amortised over the years, corresponds to a saving of approximately 500 m3 of gas.

Finally, let’s not overlook the environmental benefits of using HDPE collectors, which represent an ecological and sustainable choice.

Rariplast: HDPE collector professionals in Padua

Our company has spent years producing HDPE collectors, as well as those for heat recovery, such as:

  • pool collectors
  • sewer collectors
  • water cooling collectors
  • irrigation collectors
  • water treatment collectors

These can all be produced according to the client’s specific instructions.

Contact us to learn more about our products and decide together which solution is right for you!

Contact us for a quote and we will study together the project you need!

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