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Polyethylene: a light and very resistant material

Polyethylene: a light and very resistant material

Polyethylene alone represents about 40% of the total volume in the world production of plastics.

Polyethylene is extremely resistant to chemical agents, water, acids, saline solutions, alcohol and petrol, it does not absorb liquids and is only affected by 3 types of substances:

  • sulfuric
  • acid nitric
  • acid halogens

Due to its high resistance and low toxicity it is frequently used in the food sector to produce pouches, bags, film reels and in general packaging suitable for food contact.

The production of Rariplast polyethylene

Our company mainly produces 2 types of Polyethylene:

  • HDPE = high density polyethylene that we apply to the production of special pieces, products, plants and geomembranes for hydraulic applications
  • LDPE = low density polyethylene that we use for soil waterproofing

We also use this versatile material to create a product from scratch that does not exist or to convert existing plants and components into plastic material, with the maximum flexibility that only an artisanal production can guarantee.

Versatility is our flagship because production and delivery times can be adapted to the customer’s needs and therefore expanded or decreased according to their needs.

Contact us for more information and we will be happy to give you a customized quote.


Contact us for a quote and we will study together the project you need!

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