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Three solutions for using rainwater for your irrigation

Three solutions for using rainwater for your irrigation

Drinking water and rainwater

Water is life. And it is not a truism, nor is it self-evident, since we forget it so often. Water is our blue gold because it is essential for the social and economic progress of any society. We are not just talking about drinking water, but also rainwater, an indispensable water resource for agriculture, livestock, gardening and much more.

Rainwater recovery

Rariplast’s products are designed to recover rainwater, which can then be used for irrigation purposes without wasting drinking water.

Remember that irrigation is necessary for all types of cultivation, for gardens and also for outdoor sports facilities.

A rainwater recovery system consists of a collection, treatment, adduction and subsequent distribution network, which differs depending on the end use to be made of it.

Rariplast’s solutions

We have three main solutions for recovering rainwater and using it for irrigation purposes: wells, collectors and tanks.


Gravity flow water inspection wells are made of PEAD pipes and can contain hydraulic devices and equipment. The wells can then be connected to PVC, PP and PE pipes for surface and underground water drainage.

Polyethylene is selected as the material of choice for these products because of its light weight and high resistance to chemicals and water.


PEAD collectors are indispensable for the treatment of rainwater, which differs according to the intended use of what is collected.

Thanks to their resistance, the collectors are able to adapt to the most disparate situations and have different functions, such as heat recovery in ice stadiums.


Tanks are used for the collection of rainwater and can be cylindrical, horizontal or vertical.

They contain a filter that retains medium to large foreign bodies; the water collected in this way can be used for irrigation without wasting drinking water.

Contact us and we will discuss which solution is best for you, depending on your specific reuse requirements!

Contact us for a quote and we will study together the project you need!

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