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Our PEAD products bring aquaculture to Italy and the world

Our PEAD products bring aquaculture to Italy and the world


Aquaculture consists of the rearing of aquatic organisms such as fish, molluscs, crustaceans and algae in human-controlled environments that differ according to the habitat of the species. It can be carried out in seawater, rivers, lakes, ponds or reservoirs, making it a viable activity anywhere in the world.

In recent years, aquaculture is becoming increasingly relevant to the fisheries sector, spreading rapidly in Italy and abroad.

As proof of this, the Fish to 2030 report indicates that, by 2030, 62% of the world’s production needs for fish products will be met by aquaculture. It is, therefore, an important economic activity for the global market in which we all now operate and not just an alternative to fishing.

Collectors and HDPE pipes for acquacolture

Fish farming requires appropriate, high-quality facilities that enable the breeding of different species in healthy, safe and biodiversity-friendly environments.

Plastics are the most suitable for the fishing industry, as they are not subject to corrosion and, at the same time, are cheaper than other materials. If these two important advantages are not enough, we would like to remind you that plastics are also distinguished by their stress and impact resistance, elasticity and low electrical conductivity.

Some of the PEAD products that allow you to practice shellfish, fish, crustacean and algae farming in the best possible way include:

  • Containment tanks, intended for the growth and reproduction of farmed species;
  • Pipes, of various sizes and diameters, for the transport of water (freshwater or saltwater);
  • Special parts, to adapt to the most diverse types of aquaculture systems

Rariplast and your aquaculture facilities

We have been dealing with plastic processing and hydraulic systems for 25 years, carrying out aquaculture projects in Italy and around the world.

If you also have a company operating in the fish sector and would like to know more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us!

HDPE fish farming aquacolture pipes

Discover our:

  • aquaculture systems,
  • HDPE pipes for acquacolture,
  • HDPE fish farming aquacolture pipes.
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