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Landfills to be reclaimed: lining, roofing, collection heads, substations

Reclamation of contaminated sites and landfills

Landfills to be reclaimed: lining, roofing, collection heads, substations

A contaminated site is defined as an area in which there has been an alteration in the qualitative characteristics of the soil, air and water (both surface and underground) where the concentrations of pollutants exceed those imposed by the regulations. The goal is to eliminate any possible damage to human health and the environment.

Particularly interesting is the reclamation treatment of old landfills or illegal dumps performed by excavating the waste deposited over time.

Through these reclamation efforts, it is possible to:

  • adapt old landfills to current regulations
  • counter contaminants from biogas emissions and percolation water
  • make the most of recoverable or recyclable materials

It will, therefore, be possible to recover former landfills, eliminating the need to build new ones!

The phases of the reclamation intervention

The first phase of the landfill reclamation is divided into:

  • study and characterisation of the site
  • planning to define in detail the personnel required, the type of technology to be used and the means of protection against and prevention of hazards to be adopted

In the second phase:

  • the possible remediation techniques that can be used are described
  • processes are divided according to whether or not the materials are exported from the site where they are located

Rariplast and landfill reclamation works

In this regard, our company provides linings, covers, collection heads and substations suitable for any landfill reclamation work.

In fact, we take care of various landfill processes, including:

  • geomembrane laying and welding
  • welding of the HDPE collection and delivery lines of the leachate
  • l’installation of systems (such as collection heads, shafts, manifolds, substations)
  • the connection of pumps and valves

Contact us for a quote and we will study together the project you need!

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