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Drip irrigation for the vegetable gardens in Africa

Drip irrigation for the vegetable gardens in Africa

A project carried out in africa to install an inexpensive yet efficient micro-irrigation system!

IrriGo is a ‘ready-to-use’ kit for the irrigation of home gardens – a precision tool that guarantees great results despite its low price. Maintenance is minimal and professional expertise is not required to use the system. It can still be used in the absence of pressurised water or electricity.

What do Rariplast and a home drip irrigation kit have in common? The answer might appear to be nothing, but both have contributed to a major project in Africa, a continent where water resources are scarce.

From Senegal to Burkina Faso, many farmers are unable to harness the potential of their land due to problems with their water supply. These small-scale entrepreneurs lack not only investment but above all spending power, and this is where we stepped in with the company Irritec, creating micro-irrigation systems suited to their needs.

The ‘Orti in Africa’ project: a fruitful collaboration

In a developing continent like Africa, every opportunity to improve the living conditions of the population is important: this is  why we launched a great project to help farmers boost the productivity of their fields. Rariplast created a system based around the use of pressurised PVC fittings, ideal for all areas lacking in irrigation and energy resources. A kit was then installed.

Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation allows farmers to water a small area of soil near the plant using drippers, avoiding stagnation and waste as well as the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. This environmentally friendly farming approach is becoming more and more popular in industrialised countries thanks to a growing awareness of the importance of safeguarding the planet for future generations. In a country where subsistence alone is difficult, the reasons for adopting a micro-irrigation approach are quite different. However, as a company and as human beings, we hope that investments in agriculture will increase in order to help these populations support themselves with greater autonomy and dignity.

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