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Study on the break rates of water pipe materials

Study on the break rates of water pipe materials

PVC: the material with the lowest break rate

PVC is a thermoplastic resin that is widely used in plumbing systems thanks to its durability and its resistance to internal mechanical stress. PVC pipes are suited to a vast range of uses for the drainage of industrial water, sewage and rainwater. When used in water pipes, they also have the lowest break rate of any material, as attested by major studies carried out by authoritative sources at an international level.

The reliability of PVC: some very reassuring figures

Led by Dr Steven Folkman, Utah State University’s Buried Structures Laboratory examined 200,000 miles of water pipelines in the United States and Canada over a period from 2012 to 2018. The study documents a 27% increase in material failure rates, with a high incidence of cast iron and asbestos cement pipes. According to this study, however, PVC water pipes register 2.3 breaks per 100 miles – the lowest break rate documented.

A joint document drawn up by the European Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association and the platform of the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers reports data on PVC pipes dug up and analysed after many years of use: the tests carried out show minimal performance deterioration and confirm an effective operational lifespan of over 100 years.

The added value of PVC and PP

Thermoplastic materials represent the present and future of plumbing systems. PVC, used in pipes, has high chemical and mechanical resistance. In addition to its proven technical features, PVC is also competitive from an environmental perspective: its total energy consumption and CO2 emissions are lower than alternative materials.

Polypropylene has high thermal stability and is particularly resistant to internal pressure, offering high-level mechanical properties up to 100 degrees Celsius. Its total watertightness and resistance to concentrated loads and high-pressure jets make PP piping a valid alternative to PVC.

PP, PVC and HDPE tanks, manifolds and valves are the flagship products of our special processing range: we manufacture in-line and end-of-line anti-backflow valves, knife gate valves, biogas regulation valves, and swing check valves. All our products are manufactured with a focus on the customer’s needs, with ad hoc processes and special custom-made pieces. To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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