We list some of the most important achievements of recent years:

  • HDPE pipelines for the recovery of biogas from agricultural companies throughout Italy.
    • VILLACIDRO AGRICOLE - BOLZANO presso azienda agricola di Villacidro (VS)
    • EMMECIDUE SRL - PAVIA presso azienda agricola Cascina Cravera (PV)
    • ECO ENERGIA SAC - CUNEO presso azienda agricola Cardè (CN)
    • FRI. EL. EUGANEA presso azienda agricola Ostellato (FE)
    • GALASTENA ENERGY presso azienda agricola Ro (FE)
    • IMET SPA presso IMET 1 e IMET 2 Sarno (SA)
  • PVC pipelines for collecting rainwater from bidge decks, viaducts in some parts of the highway VILLESSE - GORIZIA
  • Water supply, fire pipelines, sewerage collecting with service of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance until the ending of the total work MOSE PROJECT in VENICE
  • HPDPE pipelines and plants for sewerage treatment in San Bonifacio VERONA
  • HDPE pipelines and fire sprinklers at picking area by FLORIN CERAMICHE in Fiorano Modenese (MO)
  • HDPE pipelines and fire sprinklers By CARAPELLI SPA Inveruno (MI)
  • Water system and fire sprinklers by establishments BARILLA SPA in Parma, Foggia, Castiglione delle Stiviere.
  • Waterproofing with HDPE geomembrane of the background of old warehouses by island of Lazzaretto Vecchio in VENICE
  • Reti pead antincendio, e adeguamento reti fognarie pvc presso campo Santa Marina e Tolentini a Venezia 
  • Fire pipelines and sewerage system by Campo Santa Marta and Campo Tolentini in VENICE
  • Realizazion of primary infrastructure works, pipelines for irrigation, gas and water supply, fire networks for an industrial site of PIRELLI RE in Portogruaro