Landfill plants manufacturing

The workings of a landfill system

All landfill systems are different and manufacturing them takes a huge amount of time, effort and a great deal of precision. Although landfill structures are generally regarded as non eco-friendly by environmentalists, the modern landfill design is a feat of engineering. Nowadays, the manufacturing of landfill plants is geared to create systems which are highly engineered methods of containment. The modern landfill complex incorporates robust plastic material, minimalising the effect that current operations on the surrounding environment. Although there are numerous ways to recycle materials such as glass, plastic and metal, as well as various bio degradable substances, there is a huge amount of waste material which cannot be reused and therefore must be stored. This is where landfill plants manufacturing comes into play.


The different types of landfill

Although the idea of a landfill complex may sound fairly straightforward, this is by no means the case. The surrounding environment and communities are vulnerable to landfill sites for a number of reasons, most notably a liquid known as leachate. This is created with a combination of rainwater and water from the landfill itself, which can consist of all manners of harmful bacteria. Society is responsible for bounteous different types of waste, each of which can contribute to a different type and strength of leachate. Therefore numerous different landfill sites are created to house these different waste categories. The plastic lining systems created for these landfills are generally available in three different types, single, double and composite.

Single lining systems are made from either a clay, geosynthetic or geomembrane plastic sheeting. This type of landfill is usually designed to hold the remains of demolition or construction debris. Double lining systems are often made from two single plastic sheets, however two composite sheets can sometimes be used too. The purpose of the upper liner is to collect leachate while the lower is used as a backup and also to detect leaks. This system is used for hazardous substances and for municipal waste purposes. A composite liner system is made from a clay sheet and a geomembrane sheet. It is primarily used for municipal waste landfills.

A little bit about ourselves

We are experts in the collection and disposal of leachate and have a vast experience of welding geomembranes and other types of plastic sheeting. We have been established since the mid nineties and have worked on many different terrains.

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